ST Innovation Night & Techno Day

STMicroelectronics created an evening dedicated to the innovation, held in Milan on the 24th of October 2013, at the Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci”. At the presence of Carlo Bozotti, President and CEO of ST, the evening also marked the beginning of the 2013th edition of the Techno Day, the event dedicated to the Italian market, held on the 25th of October.
ST2013_news (1)Carlo Bozotti, President and CEO, and the most important managers of ST explained the strategies of the company relative to the most recent and future technological solutions for the preservation of our planet.
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With “grid emotion” they expressed the aim of highlighting innovative solutions, both in the field of recent electric and hybrid vehicles, both in the field of Smart Grid understood as “smart” and sustainable environment.
Also set up for the occasion, the topics stations dedicated to different market sectors and the related technologies
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