15th S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup Edition!

The fifteenth edition of the event, which brings together fans of sailing and haute cuisine, was held Saturday, July 11 in Venice.  10 miles of  race (from Port of Malamocco to Island of San Giorgio) for 30 boats, with many chefs on board – all Italians, unlike previous editions.

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The focus was on sustainability and recycling of leftovers. In addition to the “canonical” criteria – goodness, difficulty of execution, pairign with wine – the dishes prepared by the chefs  were also judged according to what they were projected into the future, consistent with a healthy and sustainable, and created a un-waste concept. The recipes, then, tried to use mainly cereals, legumes and vegetables, leaving meat and fish only as boundary elements. And of course avoiding any waste and enhancing the leftovers, like stale bread.

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Luke Veritti, who cooked on  Metropole Fever boat in the race to the vicious Wind Venice, convinced the jury with a pacchero stuffed prawns presented in a steamer. The S.Pellegrino Trophy for the best dish prepared by a professional chef was won by Nicolò Ermolli, who cooked noodle, the yard, the garden … Ancient flavors today, while Carla Michelizza won the Trophy Acqua Panna for the best non-professional chef with the dish One for all