Randstad Award 3rd Edition just ended

  • Now in its third edition, the Randstad Award was allocated by Randstad, based on the results of a survey on employer branding realized by the Belgian Institute ICMA in 18 countries. In Italy were interviewed 700 “potential future employees” aged between 18 and 65 years old, who expressed the appeal of 150 of the largest companies with over 1000 employees, active in 13 fields and considered as potential employers. The objective of the research is to investigate the main criteria according to which the Italians orient their choices considering the company they want to work for, but also evaluating the most important factors that make companies attractive.
  • From the results of the survey, the Feltrinelli is the most attractive company for potential employees, Ferrero falls behind and in third place there is HP.
  • At the ceremony of the Randstad Award were also assigned four other special awards to the companies that have distinguished themselves for other individual factors investigated in the research. PwC, IBM, Coop Italia and Ferrero have received the Randstad Globe for the primacy recognized by employees in some of the elements that determine the general attractiveness of companies as employers.
  • In particular, PwC stands out for career opportunities in growth and IBM achieved the record in quality training. Instead Coop Italia is the most attractive company for attention to environment and society (CS), Ferrero for the pleasant working atmosphere, the safety of the workplace, the balance between work and private life and the belonging to a strong management team.
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  • A night that involved excellent companies in the national panorama, as “excellent” has been the chef who prepared a special high level menu for the occasion: Giancarlo Morelli, 1 Michelin star, Restaurant Pomiroeu, Seregno (MB)

  • morelli
  • The closing part of this wonderful night has been in the sign of sweetness: a globe of fine chocolate hand made ​​by the pastry chef of the historical Pasticceria San Gregorio – Milan.

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